Grief Group Registration Form

Due to summer break, Calm Waters support groups will begin again August 5, 2019. Your registration will be held by our program staff and you will be contacted in July to schedule an intake appointment.

Grief Group Registration

Calm Waters Center for Children and Families provides free grief support groups to children and families on their grief journey caused by the death of a loved one. Please complete this registration form and we will be in touch to schedule an intake.
    Why does Calm Waters Center for Children and Families need to know your household income? Some of our program budget comes from grant money. For most of these grants, income information from all of our patients is necessary to prove financial need in the communities we serve. The grant monies allow us to provide a higher level of quality and more services than we could without them. In order to get and keep these grants, we need to provide income information to prove that we are serving the people the grant money has been set aside for.
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