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TUESDAY, JUNE 29, 2021 | 6 – 7:30 PM

Calm Waters’ Summer Grief workshop is an in-person, hands-on community event at Calm Waters Center for those in grief to learn new ways to celebrate summer holidays while also honoring past traditions. Attendees are encouraged to bring photos of their loved ones and will complete a hands-on art activity and take home their own summer planning kit.

Calm Waters therapists, Heather Warfield, LMFT and Jordan Park, LMFT-candidate, will lead focused grief curriculum for adults and children as young as 3-years-old, to provide coping skills on how to navigate grief during summer traditions that were once celebrated with loved ones who have died or who now live apart due to divorce, deployment, incarceration or deployment.

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Calm Waters’ post-Valentines Day workshop, Couples and Cabin Fever, is a free, online seminar for any over-stressed couple who may be super over these “unprecedented times.”

Couples, how are you doing? really? Is the extra togetherness getting overwhelming? Is the pressure of close quarters inviting more fights over “nothing?”

Calm Waters’ in-house clinicians, Heather Warfield, LMFT and Jordan Park, LMFT-candidate will discuss coping skills, and relationship hacks to vaccinate your commitment from the pandemic-caused cabin fever for good.

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Calm Waters’ “Coping with Grief through the Holidays,” is a free, online workshop for families going through a grief journey because of a death, divorce, deployment, deportation, incarceration or foster/adoptive care challenges.

The holidays can be physically and emotionally draining, especially if you’re grieving.

Do we want to decorate this year? Do we want to attend our usual parties this year? How will we handle conversations about the person who died or the new separation? What about conversations with people who do not know about our grief story?

Calm Waters’ in-house clinicians, Heather Warfield, LMFT and Jordan Park, LMRF-candidate will discuss new coping skills to manage the probably already stressful holidays and how families can address and celebrate change and create new traditions.

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During Calm Waters’ 1-hour, Sept. 28 grief workshop, “Fighting Family Burnout During a Pandemic,” sponsored by Metro Family Magazine, you will learn 3 strategies to help children talk and process their emotions of grief, and ways to cope as a parent in this new way of life.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left families yearning for days of the past when children were able to safely attend school and other activities with their friends and in their communities. Gone are the days parents were able to focus on being parents without also being a teacher. This stress and loss of normalcy has created an environment where families are mourning their old roles, rituals, and routines.

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This Calm Waters online workshop for Mental Health Professionals discussed a clinician’s overview of grief and loss across one’s life experience.
Calm Waters clinicians, Heather Warfield, LMFT, and Jordan Park, LMFT-candidate, de-bunked grief myths, highlighted grief experiences and provided clinical techniques relevant to the current COVID-19 pandemic to help people through their grief journey.
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Calm Waters’ spring grief workshop, “Grief and Loss during Covid-19,” was a Friday, April 3, free, online workshop, about what grief looks like throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and how to individuals can be proactive in caring for themselves, their children, and their families.

 The end-goal for attendees was to learn how to grieve and build resilience during this chaotic time. Calm Waters’ on-staff therapists will led a discussion to help the entire family navigate change and provide tools to cope with grief and loss.