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Calm Waters Sailing Club

Come on in, the water's fine!

In 1992, nine-year-old Jason lost his father. For comfort, Jason would look back on his favorite memories of the two of them together, specifically, sailing Lake Hefner. When a storm came through, or the lake got rough, Jason and his father would wait it out in a cove. There, in the calm waters, Jason found peace. After losing his father, Jason found peace in Calm Waters again.

The Calm Waters Sailing Club is a group of compassionate people who donate monthly to sustain our grief-support programs. In simple terms, they keep our boat afloat.

When you donate to Calm Waters monthly, you help us maintain our programs. For $35, your donation will provide FREE grief support to a child or adult struggling to cope with grief.

Sailing Club members will be recognized with their name featured in the Calm Waters Lobby, on each monthly e-newsletter, and on this webpage.

If a Sailing Club member donates $84 or more each month, they also qualify to be part of the 
Charlotte Lankard Giving Society, named after our founder.

Sailing Club Members

Wade Beard

Linda Brinkworth

Jerry Bryan

Aaron Collins

Allison & Taylor Currie

Engelke Family

Jayne & Mike Haney

Makayla Hines

Trisha Koelsch

Lori & John Mayhue

Amanda Miller

Page Family

Jerry & Amanda Noblin

Tom & Lee Ann Parker

David & Taylor Rackley-Young

Denise Reece

Emily Rothrock Tate

Jane Secondine

Why We Donate

“I give because everyone experiences loss, and I want people to have resources to cope with that feeling of sadness, darkness and sometimes loneliness that comes with great loss. I came to know Calm Waters soon after I lost my Dad suddenly. As we approach Father’s Day, it is always a reminder of my loss and, now a gratitude that I had a really good Dad. I miss buying him a gift, he was easy to buy for, and celebrating him by being together. However, now I try to honor him in what I do, and that includes supporting Calm Waters.”

– Amanda Miller

“We donate in honor of and in solidarity with our LGBTQIA2S+ Oklahomans. We know that grief does not discriminate and neither does the team at Calm Waters. Knowing that their doors are open to Oklahomans that are experiencing grief that may not be openly acknowledged, socially validated or publicly observed is a big reason that we chose to contribute monthly.”

– David and Taylor Rackley-Young

“Our family gives monthly to Calm Waters because we know firsthand the value of mental health care. Counseling and therapy are vital parts of our family’s health and wellness journey, and we want to help ensure all families have access to this vital type of care as well.”

– Page Family

“I am no stranger to loss. After losing four precious babies to miscarriage years ago, I sunk into a devastating depression and didn’t know where to seek help…or hope. Calm Waters provides that hope to so many children and families every year and my family (and the three children I am now blessed to call my own!) and I are honored to support this mission every single month, ensuring no one grieves alone. “

– Erin Engelke, the Engelke Family

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