Who We Are

Loss can bring on turbulent and frightening times for children and teenagers. Calm Waters is a support center for children and families whose lives have been changed by death, divorce or other major loss.

Calm Waters offers FREE Center-based Grief and Divorce Support Groups for families with children 3 to 18 years of age. Calm Waters, also offers FREE School-based Grief Support Groups that help children going through traumatic issues such as death, divorce, incarceration of a parent, foster-care issues, deportation of a parent, or deployment of a parent.

Calm Waters provides a four-hour “Parenting Through Divorce” Seminar, which meets the court requirements for divorcing parents.


Our Mission & Vision


Our mission is to help children and families in their grief journey caused by death, divorce, or other significant loss.

Our vision is to become the metropolitan area’s leading organization responsible for heightening individual and public awareness of grief responses in children and adults; for teaching healthy coping communication, parenting and relationship skills; and for being the resource for education, research and development in the grief experience.


Who We Serve

Center-Based Groups Grief & Divorce

For children 3 to 18 years and parents/guardians

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School-Based Grief Groups

For grade levels Pre-K through 12th

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Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Group

For parents who have lost an infant (birth to 12 months)

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Parenting Through Divorce Seminars

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