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Our Services

Grief Support Groups

Calm Waters Grief Support Groups are available for those who have lost a loved one to death. Families, children (ages 3 to 18) and individuals, may join a support group at any time and attend as long as needed. Groups are segmented by type of loss such as long-term illness, suicide, homicide, accidental death, infant loss and anticipatory grief. Families will attend the same night together and participants are divided by developmental age, type of death, and their relationship to the deceased loved one.

Divorce Support Groups

Divorce support groups meet every other week on Thursday evenings from 6:30-7:30 p.m., August through June. In order to attend divorce support groups, children must be aware that parents are divorcing. Co-parents who were never married and going through a custody change may also attend group. Child participants are divided into groups based on developmental age. Adults are grouped separate from an ex-partner. Consistent attendance is most beneficial for the family.

Student Support Groups

School-age children who have experienced significant loss such as death, divorce, foster and adoptive changes, incarceration, deportation and/or deployment are encouraged to register with their school for Student Support Groups. This 8- week program helps participants process their feelings and experiences with the goal of positively impacting coping skills, behavior and achievement.

Private Grief Counseling and Consultation

Calm Waters offers counseling sessions for individual adults, children, families and couples who are struggling following the death of a loved one. 

Parenting Through Divorce Seminars

Co-Parenting Seminar is a $55, four-hour Oklahoma court-mandated seminar for divorcing/separating parents. House Bill 2249 requires divorcing parents with children under the age of 18 to attend an educational program concerning the impact of divorce on children. This seminar meets court requirements for a co-parenting or parenting class for parents involved in the divorce process.

Community Crisis Services

Our in-house therapists are available to visit your organization or school due to an employee death, injury or workplace violence/trauma.